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Easy to Unprotect an Microsoft Access Database File

This article is going to show you how to unprotect a Microsoft Access database file (*.accdb file or *.mdb file) with password. If you are suffering from a forgotten Access database file password or someone stupidly forgetting to unprotect the Access database file before sending it to you, follow the instructions below and you might find it of much help.

Here are the instructions:

1. Download and install Access Password Rescuer.

2. Run the software tool and click "Open" button to load the protected Access database file, either a *.accdb file or a *.mdb file.

3. Choose "Brute-force" attack type for the next password recovery.

4. Provide some information of your password.

1) Password "Range" Settings
You should tell the program which character types used in the password by finishing the "Brute-force range options".

2) Password "Length" settings
In the password length box, enter the password length range you are clear of.

3) Next, if you still remember some part of your password, you are recommended to turn to Mask mode (You can select it anew in Step 3.) and then finish the Mask settings.

For instance, if you remember that the password consisted of 7 characters, started with a number "9" and ended with a lowercase letter "e," it’s correct to input "9?????e" in the Mask box. If remembering nothing, jump to Step 5.

5. Click Start button on the top. Incidentally, how long the recovery will take depends on the length and the complexity of your password.

6. Click Copy button and then Open button. Once the Password box appears, you can paste the password to it.

See the dynamic picture below:

How To Unprotect an Microsoft Access Database File