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How to Delete Password on Windows 8-No Data Loss

This page shows you how to delete password on Windows 8 without data loss. Like you  know, forgetting things even extremely important ones often happens, but folks might have no enough time to recover password on Windows 8. So, how about deleting password?

Method 1: Using password reset disk

How to delete administrator password?

>>Find your password reset disk you created before.

>>Get in to the logon screen where you should type in a wrong password so that the forgotten password reset wizard will be enabled.

>>Click the Reset password link

>>Click Next.

>>From the drive pull-down list box, ensure that the correct drive is selected. Click next.

>>Leave both the password box and confirm box alone and click Next.

>>Click on the Finish button.

Great! You have crossed out the old password, and you will be able to log in without password-just click the arrow icon on the logon screen.

Method 2 Turn to another administrator for help

If there’s multiple administrator users on the machine, contact another and ask him to delete the old password.

To delete Windows password, he should do like this:

>>First off, sign in to Windows 8 as administrator.

>>Get to the Desktop or the Start and press Windows logo and W keys together.

>>Input "delete user" and click on the remove user accounts

>>Choose the user you want to delete password for

>>Click change the password

>>Click change password directly

Good job! You have successfully deleted the lost password for Windows 8

Method 3 Using Windows PE boot disk

To delete password on Windows 8 with Windows PE:

>>Obviously, you need to burn a Windows PE bootable disk first.

>>Boot the locked pc from the Windows PE disk drive.

>>On the automatically pop-up cmd.exe utility window, enter the following command line in turn.

copy c:\windows\system32\narrator.exe  c:\ [Hit Enter]

copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe  c:\windows\system32\narrator.exe [Hit Enter]

Note: "c:" stands for the drive where the Windows 8 has been installed. For instance, if you installed Windows 8 in drive d:, you should input "d:" in place of "c:".

>>At this point, a overwrite confirmation message will appear. Just type in "yes" and press Enter.

>>Next, close the command line window and restart the computer from the hard disk drive.

>>After getting back to the login screen, click the Ease of access icon on the bottom left and then the Narrator item.

>>Once the command prompt is enabled, type in "compmgmt.msc" and press Enter to apply it.

>>Click Local users ->double-click Users -> select the desired user whose password you want to delete -> click the Action menu ->choose Set password

>>Click Proceed since you have forgotten the password and have no password reset disk.

>>Click OK directly to delete the lost password and have a blank password. If you want to have a non-blank password, just input it in both the new password box and confirm password box.

>>Click OK and you will be told that the password has been set.

>>In the end, close the Computer Management window and return to the logon screen.

>>Leave the password box empty (or your new non-blank password) and click the arrow button on the right.

Congratulations to u! You have deleted the lost admin password resoundingly.

Method 4 Windows Password Rescuer Personal Method

If you want to delete your old password and create a new one instead within 5 minutes, this method most works for you, I think.

Quick to delete password on Windows 8:

>>Download Windows Password Rescuer Personal from its download page.

>>Install it on another computer that you have access to. (Evidently, it can’t be installed on your locked pc.)

>>Launch the Windows password recovery tool and choose USB media or CD/DVD media according to your need.

>>Insert your mobile storage medium, select the disk drive from the drop-down list box and click on Start Burning

Note: 1) If getting the "no usb drive on your computer," try another USB port or another USB drive.

2) BTY, memory cards such as SD cards, TF cards, CF cards, etc are really not recommended because some poor-quality ones might probably cause burning failure.

>>Once the password reset disk is complete, insert the password reset disk to the locked computer.

>>Set the disk drive as the first boot device so that the password deletion utility can be run on your Windows 8 machine.

>>Once all the requested files are totally loaded, the operating interface of this Windows password tool will appear.

>>Under the "choose a Windows," select the Windows -> Under the "specify a user," select the user whose password you lost or forgot by chance-> click the Reset passwords.

Well done! You have deleted the forgotten password. Instead, you get a new blank password. Next time you get in the login screen, just leave the password box alone and click the arrow button beside it.

Note: For the sake of account security, you are highly recommended to re-create a new password (non-blank password) by pressing Win +X -> clicking Control Panel-> User accounts-> User accounts-> Change your password (where you could find the proper option to recreate a new password).