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How to Install Windows on Virtual Machine with VMware Workstation

Imagine the following situations:
1. The Windows operating system installed on your computer is Windows Vista, but you need to do some test on different Windows such as Windows 7/XP/8. But you have no such many Windows on hand.
 2. You heard that Microsoft has released the latest version of Windows 8, you really want to experience it. But you don’t want to install a new system on your computer for it is time-consuming.
When facing these situations, no choice will be better than installing Windows on virtual machine using virtual machine software.

With the development of virtual technology, now VMware virtual machine is widely-used by more and more computer users especially programmers. The powerful function of VMware Workstation makes this virtual machine software especially popular among computer users. As one of the products of VMware, VMware Workstation has more powerful functions than Virtual PC.

  1. Comparison between VMware Workstation and Virtual PC

Then how to install Windows on virtual machine with VMware Workstation? Generally, the way to install Windows in VMware Workstation contains three parts:

1. Install VMware Workstation into your host Windows.

VMware Workstation is a paid app provided by VMware. You should pay for it to get the full version of VMware Workstation then follow the installation wizard to install it into your host Windows.

2. Create a virtual machine in VMware Workstation.

In the process of creating virtual machines in VMware Workstation, you can choose different options to create. All in all, you should add the Windows ISO image to the virtual machine.

3. Install Windows on this created virtual machine

Different Windows operating system installation steps are different more or less. The detailed necessary steps to install Windows depends on which Windows operating system you will install into the virtual machine in VMware workstation:

  1. Install Windows XP on virtual machine with VMware Workstation
  2. Install Windows 7 on virtual machine with VMware Workstation
  3. Install Windows 8 on virtual machine with VMware Workstation