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Comparison of Virtual Machine Software: VMware Workstation, Virtual PC

Virtual machine software has the ability to simulate a number of PCs in one computer. Each simulated PC can run a separate system without interfering with each other. Which makes the realization possible that one computer can run several systems at the same time and the several systems can be connected into a network. The powerful function is the reason why virtual desktop software is widely-used by more and more people. There are two common personal virtual machine products VMware Workstation whose abbreviation is VMW, Microsoft Virtual PC whose abbreviation is VPC.

The following is their feature comparison table:

items VPC VMW
Belogs to
at least $189
Installation file
VPC requires very little configuration. VMW is a little bit more complex and difficult to configure.
System startup
Start up a system by  opening another window. The interface is pithily and the window size can’t be changed.(The window is maximized, back button is invalid.) Start up a system in the original window by default which likes a single-window and multi-page browser. The window size can be changed.
Currently support 4 CARDS.
VMware currently support maximum 8G memory, 2 CPU, 10 CARDS and remote connection supported.
Fast switching
  irrealizable(You can create a shortcut by dragging and dropping but the shortcut is unavailable.)
After the operating system in VMware is installed,features of additional tools is provided. After addtional tools is installed, VMW can exchange files with physical host desktop by copying and pasting or dragging and dropping.
VPC supports sound
VMW has a lot of sound issues
System Supported
Mainly Windows
Almost all common operating system such as MS Windows, Linux, Novell NetWare, Sun Solaris, FreeBSD, MS-DOS and so on.
snapshot manager
Support the feature of recording including capturing single screen images and video.
Switch between host and guest
Shortcut key right “Alt” to switch between host and guest
Shortcut key “Ctrl” + “Alt
Full screen shortcuts
Alt” + “Enter
Ctrl” + “Alt” + “Enter
Task manager
Alt” + “Del
Ctrl” + “Alt” + “Insert
Interface supported
Don’t support USB
Support all common interfaces
Disk management
The virtual disk size cannot be changed. You can add another virtual disk to hook. The virtual disk size can be changed. You also can hook other disk by mapping.

Well, generally speaking, VMW has much longer history and more powerful features compared to VPC and it is better in terms of reliability because a lot of bugs in the software have been ironed out through years of development. While Microsoft makes efforts to simplify VPC to make it easier for beginners to use.