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3 Must Know Tricks: How to Reset Windows 2012 Admin Password

This page shows you some must know tricks about how to reset windows 2012 admin password. In fact, the time taken to reset the forgotten login password depends on what you have. If you have got a password reset disk, please go to Password reset disk method; If you didn’t have any password reset disk, no matter! Just give Daossoft Password Rescuer Method a try. For more knowledge about Windows Tips, welcome to Daossoft Knowledge Center.


Trick 1: Reset Windows Server 2012 admin password using 2012 installation disc

Figure A Windows 2012 installation disc  Figure B

Step 1: Insert your Windows 2012 installation disc, and boot the locked server from the disc. (To do this, you should press some keyboard shortcut to enter the BIOS and then change the first boot device. Learn more… please go to how to boot into the BIOS)

Step 2: Customize your 2012, like installation language, time format and so forth. (see Figure B)

Step 3: On the next screen, choose the Repair your computer link.


Step 5: Click Command Prompt in the Advanced Options Menu.

Step 6: Type in and press Enter to execute it.

copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\ <Enter>
copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe <Enter>

copy command


yes to overwrite

Step 7: Close the Command line prompt window and restart your server. Next time you get back to the login screen, just click the SHIFT key 5 times to turn on the Sticky Keys.

Step 8: To your surprise, the Command Prompt window will display instead. Yeah, that means the trick take effect now.

Step 9: Enter the net user command and press Enter.

net user yourusername yourpassword Examples: net user jack doremi456 or net user "jack smith" doremi456

utilize the net user command

Step 10: Once the command is done, it prompts you that "the command completed successfully".

Step 11: OK, press Enter before you type in your use name and the new password back on the login screen. And you will be able to get into your server instantly.

Last but important: When you get back into the Windows Server 2012, remember to delete sethc.exe and copy the original sethc.exe (c:\) to the folder c:\windows\system32\
That’s it. Thanks!


Trick 2: Reset Windows 2012 admin password with Windows Password Rescuer (5 steps)

(A USB flash drive, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM is required)

Step 1: Free download Windows Password Rescuer and finish the installation.

Step 2: Launch the application and click the storage medium that you are going to use. Next, insert a USB drive, CD, or DVD.

Step 3: Choose the correct drive name for the inserted disc. Click Begin burning. Soon it takes few minutes to get it completed.

Step 4: Go to your locked server, insert the USB flash drive, CD, or DVD and boot your server from the password reset disk so that you will be able to reset the forgotten or lost admin password in a non-windows environment, which is separated from your Windows Server 2012 that you are using and  is not constrained by the Windows.

Step 5: Follow the steps as you are prompted.

select and reset user account


Trick 3: Reset the Password using created Windows password reset disk (5 steps)

Step 1: If you have a password reset disk already, you are advised to perform password reset according to the instructions below:

Step 2: First find the password disk (USB or Floppy disk drive) you created before.
Note: (For the sake of information security, you are recommended to keep it in a safe place that only God and you know.)

Step 3: Restart or turn on your server to reach to the login screen, where you should type in a wrong password, then click OK and finally click the Reset Password link under the password textbox.

Step 4: Insert it to the drive or connect it to a USB port.

Step 5: On the password reset wizard, 1) Click Next; 2) Choose the disk drive name for the inserted password reset disk; 3) Type in a new password and re-enter it to confirm it; 4) Besides, a password hint is also required but please note that the hint should not be so straightforward and simple that someone can guess it easily; 5) Click Next and then the Finish button.

That’s all. Unfortunately if you didn’t create a password reset disk, you are advised to go to Trick 2 where works always and on most Windows Versions, such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, etc.

In addition,if you want to recover your password without resetting, removing or deleting it, it is also practicable as long as you go read recover Windows password.