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Two Simple Methods to Bypass Windows XP Login Password

Yes, you can bypass the Windows XP login password even if you do not have a Windows password reset disk or a system repair disc. Don’t believe me? This article shows you how to bypass a windows xp password with 2 Simple methods. Well, read on and prove that I did not cheate you.

Bypass Windows XP Password with Safe Mode Using Windows Password Rescuer to Bypass Windows XP Logon Password

  1. Have a password reset disk? Go this way How to Create a Windows XP Password Reset Disk Free and Use It.
  2. Have a system repair disc? Go here How to Reset Your Windows User Password With System Repair Disc.

Method 1 of 2: Bypass Windows XP Password with Safe mode method

Are you suffering from a forgotten user password for Windows XP and searching the Internet for a good method to handle it? Please follow the detailed instructions below and you might find it a great helper.

This way always works as long as you never change the built-in administrator account with blank password. Once you get back to your Windows with the administrator account, you are able to change the current but forgotten password. With a new one for your original account, you can log back in to the Windows as usual.

Here’s How to bypass a windows xp password:

(For Window XP Home Edition only)

1. Power on the computer and hold F8 key immediately. As you can see in the following figure, you have couples of choices to make. You should choose Safe Mode and hit Enter.


2. Once you reach the Windows desktop, there are 4 methods to bypass the lost xp password.

Way 1:

Recreate a new password by typing "compmgmt.msc" in the Run box, clicking Local Users and Groups in the left pane, opening the User folder, right-clicking the user account you want, choosing Set password, and finally recreate a new password.

enter compmgmt.msc

Way 2:

Do it by right-clicking My computer on the desktop, left-clicking Manage, opening Users, right-clicking a user name, selecting "Set password", typing in your new password twice and finally clicking OK.

choose target user

Way 3:

Recreate a new password by opening Control Panel, clicking User Accounts link, and picking a user account to change or remove its password.

change the password

Way 4:

Furthermore, you can also make it by typing "lusrmgr.msc" in the Run box, which can be opened by "Windows +R" combination keys, double-clicking Users folder, right-clicking the user you want to recreate a password for, selecting Set password option, and finally enter the new password.

After you OK those above, it is time to log back on to the Windows with the new password.

Method 2 of 2: Using Windows Password Rescuer to Bypass Windows XP Logon Password

Windows Password Rescuer works well and fast. You can download a free version and give it a try before you pay for the lost password.

Now see how to use this software to bypass xp password:

Create a password disk:

1. Free Download Windows Password Rescuer and install it on another computer.

2. launch Windows Password Rescuer and choose burning type.

Choose burning media type

3. Insert a blank USB or CD/DVD, and Select the USB or CD/DVD which you just inserted, then click "Begin Burning".

begin burning

4. Now the burning successfully completed and eject your disk.

writing boot sector

Set your locked computer to boot from the USB or CD/DVD:

1. Insert your USB or CD/DVD to your locked computer.

2. Restart your computer and hold "BIOS Entry Key" such as Del key, F2key, F12 key.

3. Now you can press "F10" to save and exit.

Note: There are some differences in different Computer BIOS, for more details about BIOS SETUP:

Bypass the windows XP password:

1. After boot your computer from USB or CD/DVD, Windows Password Rescuer will start up. See the following screenshot

windows pe

2. Select a Windows XP system.

3. Select the Windows user and click "Reset Password" button to reset the password.

choose and reset

4. Then you password has been cleared, and then you can click "Reboot" to restart the computer. Eject your disk and restart your computer.

password is blank now

Now you can bypass the login password and enter your xp system instantly.