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How to Activate the Hidden Administrator Account in Windows 7/8

Like you know, there is an administrator account named after "administrator" in Windows 7 or Windows 8. It is hidden and sleeping somewhere unless you enable and activate it. But how to do it? You can make it after you perform the step-by-step guide below. Don’t trust me? Give it a try and prove that I am cheating you.

Situation 1: Windows 7 Situation 2: Windows 8

Situation 1 of 2: Windows 7

Here’s the detailed guide:

1. Power on your computer and hold F8 key at once. Then, choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt. (See the screenshot below)

choose safe mode with cp

2. After you log in to Windows 7, you can see the Command Prompt window.

Note: If the account has no password protection, the Command Prompt comes out directly; or, you will get it just after you enter the password.

3. Just input "net user administrator active: yes" and then press Enter.

Note: This command can wake up the hidden administrator account-Administrator.

4. Afterwards, enter "net user administrator [password]" and press Enter to execute it. Here "[password]" means the password you want to have. The example can be seen in the following figure.

Note: This command is used to give a new password to the "Administrator" account here.

net user win 7

5. Type in "exit" and execute it. (See the screenshot below)

6. Press "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" keys and then choose Log off and then Restart.

7. The first time you use the so-called "Administrator" account, you need to click Other Users to add it once and for all. Then, type in "Administrator" and the password.

Situation 2 of 2: Windows 8

Why not have a try:

1. Hold Shift key and mash F8 key

Note: Windows 8 has updated the key used to access Safe Mode. Now you can’t use the classic F8 key any longer.

  1. Not working? Try the following two ways:
  2. 1) Go to the login screen and hold Shift key and click Restart at the same time.
  3. 2) Go to the Start and press Windows + I key combination. Next, click Change PC setting, then General and finally Restart Now.

2. Select the Troubleshoot option to continue.

3. Click or tap Advanced options.

4. Choose Startup Settings and click Restart button. (See the following screenshot.)

startup setting then restart

5. Press 4 number key to fire up Safe Mode. (See the following screenshot.)

press 4 key

Note: If you have created a password for your current account, you need to enter it before you can log in to the desktop. If not, it boots into the desktop automatically.

6. Once you reach the desktop screen, you can press Windows logo key + R and then type in "cmd" in the Run box.

7. Enter "net user administrator" and the info about the administrator account named after "Administrator" will be displayed. You can see the "active" status is "no", shown in the screenshot below.

8. Type in "net user administrator active: yes" and execute it by pressing Enter.

9. (Optional) Next, input "net user administrator <yourpassword>" to create a new password for "Administrator". (See the following screenshot.)

Note: You are recommended to perform this step because the default password is blank and this fact is all known to all.

net user win 8

10. Input "exit" and press Enter to quit.

Now, restart your PC and experience this awake and fresh administrator account.