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How to Clear/Remove Microsoft Excel 2003 Spreadsheet Password

Microsoft Excel is a commonly-used application to record data in different fields. People tend to set an excel password for the security of data. But the password isn’t always needed. When we don’t want the excel 2003 document protected by password any more, how to remove/clear it? Or when the excel 2003 password is lost or forgotten, how to decrypt it? This article aims at showing you how to clear/remove Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheet password. The way also applies other versions of Microsoft Excel.

If you want to delete the excel password to unprotect it, do as below:

Step 1: Open your workbook in Microsoft Excel 2003. The dialog box pops up as below. You are asked to type the correct password to access. Type the password then click "OK" to open the excel document.

protected by password

Step 2: Wipe your mouse on the menu bar. Find and click "Tools" to open the drop-down list. Then select "Options".

options in tools

Step 3: On the Options Window select "Security". Delete open password in the text. If you have set a modify password you can delete it. Then click "OK".

options window

Step 4: Wipe your mouse on the toolbar. Click the Save icon as below to save the changes.


Now the excel 2003 document is unprotected without password. Anyone can access it.

Important: If you lost or forgot excel password, decrypt it by a password remover tool. Excel Password Eraser can help you to the point. Learn more this software user guide: How to Use Excel Password Eraser