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How to Recover RAR Password without Breaking Any Password

Today I will show you something about how to recover your RAR passowrd safely without breaking your password because it is quite universal to forget or lose a RAR file password as time goes and it’s more valuable to provide a solution to it rather than try your hardest to avoid the problem, which is inevitable in fact.

When faced with a forgotten or lost password, people are most likely to feel panic or embarrassed. However, there is no need to do so since people all over the world forget some things anytime and anywhere, which seems to be natural for us, humans to do it. In addition, we are generally asked to set a more and more complicated password in order to make sure that your things are absolutely secure. We cannot stop forgetting things but we can keep this article for a rainy day.

Preparation: Free download a trial version below and install it.

Free Download Daossoft RAR Password Recovery Tool

Here is How:

1. Select and open your password protected RAR

Run the Daossoft RAR Password Recovery Tool. In the main interface, you can select a locked RAR file you want to recover the password by pressing the "Open" button (or click like this "File > Open File") and search for the target file.

Open rar file

When you find it, you should choose it and Open it in the pop-up window, which can be seen as follows.

Select rar file

2. Choose the best option for you and configure it

Four attack modes, including Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary and Smart, are introduced into this program.

How to choose:

Mask works better if you still remember part of your password. If you have not remembered it at all, you can choose the rest three one. Any one is useful and it’s up to you.

Setting Attack

3. Detailed settings for each attacking mode

Brute-force and Mask: In these two attack types, you should finish Range or Length setting before you proceed.

Range setting:

For instance, if your locked RAR file have a 8-character password which consists of lowercases, capital letters and special symbols. It’s right for you to set like this: check these tree boxes of "All caps latin", "All small latin" and "All special symbols" .

Setting Attack

Length setting

For example, if you know your password length is 6, you enter "6"  in those two length textbox. But if you were not so sure, you can set it from "4" to "8". The less length you set, the less time will be taken.

Setting Password length

Mask:  Before you use it, you must offer a mask. Here I will show you how to define a mask.

For instance: If you remembered that your password was made up of 8 characters, which started with an "s" and ended with a digit "2". You can define the right mask like this: f??????2

Select Mask Attack

Dictionary: You should click the "Dictionary" button on the tabbar and finish the "Dictionary options" after you choose Dictionary in the pull-down list.

Select Dictionary Attack

"Dictionary" Settings:

Firstly browse and select the dictionary file(*.dic or *.txt) prepared in advance, choose an option "Convert to OEM encoding", "Smart mutations" or "Try all possible upper/lower case combinations" according to your request.

Setting Dictionary Attack

4. Start to safely recover the RAR file password without breaking your password

Start to recover your password lost RAR file by clicking "Start" button or clicking like this: "Attack>Start". The recovering process will take various time, which depends on the length and complexity of your RAR file password. Please be patient!

.Recover RAR Password

5. Open the RAR file with your original password

When the RAR/WinRAR unlocking is done, you can get back your password by clicking "Copy" button. Then open and paste the retrieved password in the password textbox. Now you are opening your RAR file without breaking the password.

Get Back RAR Password