Pst Recovery Tool for Windows

Pst is actually short for “personal storage table.” It is one type of “person folder file”, which is used to store emails, contacts, calendar, notes, tasks, etc. All in all, it’s so closely related to your everyday life that some accidental mistakes might put you in trouble. That’s why you need a pst recovery tool for a rainy day.

  • Tips: Personal storage table contains a mass of mailbox files. Each of them has an extension of .pst.

pst fileBesides, these files are password protected commonly because they contain much private info. In a word, we need the real password to access the pst file. But if you forgot the password, you are put at risk of losing access of your pst file, or rather, your important information.

Fortunately, Daossoft Outlook Password Rescue, a pst recovery tool can help you retrieve the password on Windows very quickly. And all you should do is only several mouse clicks. Here’s the user guide of Outlook Password Rescuer.

Secondly, you can also choose to send for a technician. But it’s really expensive. You are really recommended to use a recovery tool from the Internet in place of traditional sources.

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