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How to Customize Windows + X Menu


Like you know, Windows + x "start" menu is one of the latest Windows 8 version’s new features. If you have ever experienced it, you might find that it seems unable to be customized. Actually, you can. Windows+x menu editor (freeware) allows you to customize Windows+X menu without modifying any system file, which means that it can keep your system integrity unaffected.

What it can do for you:

  1. to add a new item
  2. to remove any item of Windows+X menu.
  3. to change item order in Windows+X menu
  4. to change display name for any item of Windows+X "start" menu.
  5. to cancel all the changes if you want to make it default.

How to use:

To reorder the menu items, use the arrow buttons on the right. To add/remove menu item or group, click the right button on the bottom, and finally click Apply and then exit.

change menu item order