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How to Change Desktop Background on Windows 8


Here, we are showing how to change desktop background on Windows 8. Several methods are included and the simpler, the more first.

Method 1:

On the picture you want to make it desktop background, right click it and then select set as desktop background.


Method 2:

On the Windows 8 desktop, right click on an empty area and choose Personalize

On the bottom, choose "desktop background"

Specify the picture you like by the browse button or picture location drop-down list.


Method 3:

Right click the purple background of the Start screen.

On the pop-up tool bar, click or tap on the "All apps"

Drag the scrollbar to find the control panel and click or tap it.

Under the Appearance and Personalize, open the "change desktop background link.

Click browse button and browse to the favorite picture or pull down the picture location list box and check the box of the picture you think it cool.

Click "save changes."


Method 4:

On the keyboard, press Windows logo and I key together.

Click or tap control panel -> change desktop background -> explore and find the wallpaper you enjoy -> ensure that you check the box of the desired picture -> click or tap save changes to exit.


Method 5:

Open files search charm by pressing Win + F keyboard shortcut.

Type "desktop background" and press Enter

Click the settings icon and select "change desktop background."

Browse to the wallpaper you want and make it selected.

Tap or click "save changes" to close the window.


Method 6: how to change background on Windows 8 Start screen

Press Windows key and W key together to pop up the settings search charm.

Input "start screen" and select the Start screen item from the findings.

Choose the themes and the background color you like.

Great! You now have a cool-looking Start screen instead.