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Forgot Windows 7 Password - 3 Efficient Ways to Utilize

Like you know, Windows 7 has become the most popular desktop system. At the same time people usually meet a lot of problems when using Windows 7, such as forgotten logon passwords. Is there anything to do when someone encounters this situation? The answer is yes. This article provides 3 Efficient Ways, which are supposed to help you when you forgot the Window 7 password.


Way 1: Using Password Reset Disc

In Windows 7, people can create a password reset disc with USB Flash Drive to copy with a forgotten logon password. But note that a reset disk is available for only one user account. You need to create a new reset disc when you create a new user account or change a password. If you forgot Windows 7 login password, this is the first way we can do.

If you have created a password reset disk, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Start or restart your computer, in the Welcome screen, choose your user account then type in the user name and a wrong password, press ENTER or click OK, it will show you logon failed and show you a hint - Reset password....

Step 2: Insert your reset disc (USB Drive or CD). Click Reset password.

click reset password on logon screen

Step 3: Then the Password Reset Wizard pops up, click Next.

Step 4: Choose the disk name which you inserted, click Next. Type a new password in the new password box, and type it again to confirm it. In the Type a new password hint box, type a hint for the password or not, and then click Next→Finish. Then you can login Windows 7 again with the new password you just create.

insert and select password disk

So it’s better to create a Windows 7 password reset disk if you are a forgetful person.


Way 2: Making Use of Existing Safe Mode

If you have not created a reset disc, login safe mode then you can recreate new passwords for all the users in control panel. You can log on as administrator. This is a common and safe way to get back your forgotten Windows 7 password. Just two steps.

select safe mode

Step 1: Press F8 immediately when you start or restart your computer. When the system shows the start list, select Safe Mode and press Enter.

Step 2: After you login to Safe Mode, click Start > open the control panel > users accounts, and set a new pasword for the user whose password you forgot.


Way 3: Use Professional Windows Password Tool

If you haven't created a password reset disk for your account and can not login Safe Mode, and unfortunately you lost or forgot windows 7 password no disk, see bellow. All you need is a computer you have access to and a blank CD/USB Drive.

A well-know Windows password recovery tool, Windows Password Rescuer, is a highly appreciated password recovery software which is more and more popular on the internet. Just three simple steps help you remove forgotten Win 7 password without the disk, this is the simplest way to help you regain access to your locked Windows 7 system. As most people said, Windows Password Rescuer is worth a try when I forgot my Windows 7 password.

Step 1: Download Windows Password Rescuer Personal/Professional and install it to a computer which you can access. Run the software and create a password recovery disk (Just insert your CD or plug in an USB flash drive, select the right option of burning and your disc name, then click the Burn button).

create disk

Step 2: Insert the password recovery disk to your locked computer and set computer to boot from it.

boot setting

What might help you:

Step 3: Windows Password Rescuer will run from CD/USB and display a friendly window.

1. Click your target user account in the user list and click Reset Password.

ensure the windows user you want to reset

2. Click Yes when a confirm massage pops up, and your administrator password will be removed.

agree to reset the password

3. Now you can see the administrator's password has been deleted to blank.

write down the new password

4. Click Reboot > eject your CD/USB and click Yes when a dialog appears. After rebooting, you can logon your computer ignoring the forgotten password.

reboot the pc