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PowerPoint Password: How to Recover PowerPoint Password Quickly

"Sir, I can’t open the PPT file because I have got the password lost out of no where.So what’s the next?"
"I am so sorry to hear that! But if the business is adversely affected, you are to blame!"
Exchange between Jack and his manager in the office.

Are you still suffering from the similar troubles as Jack? Let the troubles go to hell from now on. With Daossoft PowerPoint Password Recovery Tool,  you can recover PowerPoint password yourself and improve your working performance rather than take the blame. In order to make it, you can follow the step-by-step guide below. Good luck to you!

Important: When you meet the troubles above, please do not be panic, just keep cool for people all over the world forget some things anytime and anywhere, even very very important things. It seems that we, humans are natural to forget some things. Besides, in order to improve the password security, we are always told to make a more and more complex password, which mainly leads to your poor(not poor in fact) memory.

How to Recover Your Lost PowerPoint Password Step by Step

The preparation before password recovery

Download Daossoft PowerPoint Password Rescuer and install it .

Free Download PowerPoint Password Recovery

Step1. Select the PowerPoint file you want to recover password

As shown in the following two figure, you are asked to press the "Open" button(or left click like this: "File | Open File") and choose the PowerPoint file in the Open File window and then open it by clicking the "Open" button or just by double clicking it.

Open powerpoint file

Select powerpoint file

Step2. Choose the correct attack type and set for it

There are four attack types for you to recover your password, which contains Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary and Smart.

What are the differences:

Brute-force : This attack type allows you to open the "Range" tabbar and set the "Brute-force range option" as needed before you click the "Start" button to start the recovery.

Smart : It allows you to start the recovery without any manual settings. Just choose the "Smart " on the tabbar and then click the "Start" button to begin the recovery.

Dictionary : Before you use the Dictionary attack type, a dictionary should be made though a dictionary generator, which can guide you to make an effective dictionary according to your request.

Mask : It needs a mask to help you recover the password. A mask is some characters of your password you remember.The program will regard the given mask as a character to accelerate the process of decryption.

How to pick: In case that some characters of your password are clear in your mind still, you can choose "Mask" . If not, "Smart" attack first.

Select Attack

Brute-force and Mask Option: In these two mode, the password tool will try all possible combinations in the specified range you set to match with your password. In addition, both of them require "Range" settings but only Brute-force need password length settings.

Setting Attack

Length Settings only for Brute-force mode:
In the password length options field, enter the length range you remember.

Setting Password length

Mask Option: To use mask mode, some characters in your password which are still clear in your mind should be offered to define a mask, a password mask, to preceed to recover your ppt password.

For example, if you remembered that your password was made up of 7 characters, which started with an "f" and ended with a digit "6". You can define the right mask like this: f?????6

Select Mask Attack

Dictionary Option: Click "Dictionary" on the tabbar(shown as follows) after you choose Dictionary option in the Type of attack field.

Select Dictionary Attack

Settings for Dictionary mode:

In this attack mode, you are asked to select a dictionary file with a filename extension of dic or txt  before you start to recover the forgotten password. It allows you to use the offered dictionary or another one made by a dictionary  generator or downloaded from the network.

Setting Dictionary Attack

Step 3. Click "Start" button to start to recover the lost PowerPoint password

Recover PowerPoint Password

Step 4. Click "Copy" button to get your PowerPoint password back

Get Back PowerPoint Password

Tips: The time the recovery will take depends on the length of your password. The shorter, the faster. Be patient, please!