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How to Use PowerPoint Password Rescuer

If you forgotten your Microsoft PowerPoint file password and cannot open it? Daossoft PowerPoint Password Rescuer can help you recover the password. This software offers a professional set of features wrapped in a very user-friendly form that is easy to master. Here show you how to use PowerPoint Password Rescuer to recover your password.

Step 1. To select a lost powerpoint password file you want to recover the password(s) for simply press the "Open" button (or select the "File | Open File" menu item) and browse for the appropriate file.

Open the lost powerpoint password file

In the Open File Dialog, select the lost powerpoint password file and click "Open".

Step 2. Choose an attack type.

There are four attack types in our program for you to recover your password. They are Brute-force Attack, Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack and Smart Attack.

Select an Attack

Step 3. Attack settings.

Option 1: If you choose Brute-force Attack or Mask Attack, the program will try all possible combinations in the specified Range.

Attack Settings

"Length" Settings
Minimal password length: Set the minimum possible length for the password.
Maximal password length: Set the maximum possible length for the password.

Password length settings

Option 2: If you choose Mask Attack, you should offer some password symbols which you can remember. A Password Mask must be defined to use Mask Attack.

Mask Attack

Option 3: If you choose Dictionary Attack, click "Dictionary" on the tabbar.

"Dictionary" Settings:
Simply select the desired dictionary file. In addition, you can select an option "Smart mutations" or "Try all possible upper/lower case combinations"

Dictionary settings

Step 4. Click "Start" button Start button(or select the "Attack | Start" menu item) to start the attack, then you will get your lost powerpoint password.

Step 5. When you successfully recover the password with Daossoft PowerPoint Password Rescuer, the dialog box with passwords is displayed. Just Copy and then Open the troubling *.ppt file.


Thanks for using our softwares.

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