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Change Windows Server 2012 User Password with Few Clicks


This page collects some ways helping you to change Windows Server 2012 user password. To be clear, I arrange them by the simpleness degree. Hope it helps.

Way #1

To get started, log on to your Windows Server as administrator user. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keyboard shortcut, click the change a password link, enter the old password and finally type in a new password twice to confirm. Then click the Submit button on the right, which can make the new password take effect.

change password server 2012

Note: New passwords should meet the password policy of Windows Server 2012. Namely, user passwords must contain 3 of the following 4 kinds at least
1) Uppercase (A-Z)
2) Lowercase (a-z)
3) Base 10 digits (0 - 9)
4) Special symbols (example: ?, $, @, &)

As far as I’m concerned, choosing password also need some tricks while many people used to pay little attention to this fact. Here’s some tricks that can help you find a good password.

Way #2

First, login to your Windows Server 2012 as administrator. Press Windows + X key combination to pop up the Win+X menu. Next, choose Command Prompt (Admin). Type in net user <username> <newpassword>
For example, if you want to change jack’s user password, you should type in "net user jack jack@h0me" or "net user "jack smith" jacksmith@h0me"
Note: 1)User name with space charactor should add quotes.
2)The user you want to change should be existing already.

Way #3

To get started, signing in to Windows Server 2012 as administrator user is required. Press Windows logo key + C to activate Win+C menu, select the Settings option and then click Control Panel. Once there, click the user account link, click user account once again and then open manage another account link.

On the next window, select the user account whose password you’d like to change and click the "change the password". Next and last, click the change password button before you enter the old password, typing a new password and confirming the new one.

Tips: All the 3 ways mentioned above requires your logging onto Window Server 2012 as administrator. If you can’t sign in as administrator (Maybe, you forgot the password.), that means you need to perform password reset for your Windows server 2012. That’s what we care about as well. You might browse to 3 Must Know Tricks: How to Reset Windows 2012 Admin Password for further help.