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How to Set Up VMware to Boot from a Physical CD/DVD Drive

When we install/reinstall a system, we usually need to make the computer boot from a CD/DVD or a USB drive by entering the BIOS setup. Then how to set up VMware to boot from a physical CD/DVD drive? This article will show you detail procedures.

1. Edit the virtual machine settings

Warm Tips: You must plug the CD/DVD drive into your computer before launching the VMware Workstation. Or your CD/DVD drive will unable to be identified.

Step 1: Plug your bootable CD/DVD drive into your computer.

Step 2: Launch VMware Workstation and click on "File->Open" to open an existing virtual machine.

open an existing virtual machine

Step 3: Click on "VM->Settings" to open "Virtual Machine Settings".

Virtual Machine Settings

Step 4: Click on "CD/DVD (IDE)" and select "Use physical drive". If you want to use your local ISO image file you can select "Use ISO image file". Then click on "OK" to close the "Virtual Machine Settings".

use a physical drive


2. Boot the VMware from a CD/DVD by BIOS setup utility

Step 1: Click on "VM->Power->Power On to BIOS" to open the BIOS setup utility.

power on to BIOS

Step 2: Press left and right keys to highlight "Boot" item. Then press up and down keys to highlight "CD-ROM Drive".

Step 3: Press "+" key to array "CD-ROM Drive" the first place because the front has the priority to boot.

Step 4: Press F10 and select "Yes" then "Enter" to save and exit the BIOS setup utility. After that, the virtual machine will boot from a CD/DVD drive.

save and exit BIOS settings