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How to Protect your Eyes form Computer Screen

It seems that we are living in a  screen-centric world. So, how can I save myself from eye strain from computer use? This page tells you the answer, covering what color can relieve eye fatigue and how to protect eyes from computer screen.

What color does good to our eyes?

Eye therapists recommend that making your screen full or enough of soft light green color helps protect your vision because light green color is good at relieving asthenopia.

light green effect

How to get the color in Windows system?

If using Windows 7

To protect eyes from computer screen, you should follow the detailed instructions below.

Step 1: Click the Start button on the left of the task bar.

Step 2:  Type in window color in the Search box and select the "change window colors and metrics." Else, you can also click on the Windows logo icon on the bottom left -> control panel -> appearance and personalization ->personalization -> window color.

Step 3: From the Item list box, choose the last item: window.
Pull down the color 1 list, choose "other."
Ensure what you type in is the same as below so that you won’t get a wrong color.
Hue box: 85
Sat: 123
Lum: 205
And then click add to custom colors.

Step 4: Choose the light green color under custom colors and click OK. Back to the window color and appearance, click OK. Well done! You made it. Now just enjoy the soft color friendly to our eyes.

If using Windows XP

Step 1: In Windows XP, right click some empty area on the desktop, click on Properties->click the Appearance tab -> Advanced button.

Step 2: Select window from the Item drop-down list.

Step 3: Make sure you type in the correct number before you click on the add to custom colors button.
Hue : 85
Sat: 123
Lum: 205

Step 4: Under custom colors, select the color you defined and click OK. Back on the advanced appearance dialog box, click OK to apply the changes.

Congratulations, you made it. Now, open a document (like a Word or Excel document) and check the effects. What you see won’t be dazzling black and white but very soft green, which can keep your eyes healthy if you keep using it for a long time. BTY, I have kept using this green color since 4 years ago.