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How to Find Homegroup Password on Windows 8 PCs and Tablets


Nowadays, Windows’ homegroup has been widely used on Windows 8 PCs and Tablets to make it easy to share devices (like USB printers) and files among the computers in the same local area network (LAN).  To add yourself to an existing homegroup, you need a password for verification. The homegroup creator shoud give the password to you and then you will be able to join the homegroup resoundingly. That’s how it works. Not difficult to understand, right? But did you know how the creator find the password? (Actually, it’s a complicated 10-character password with digits, lowercases and uppercases so it’s not easy to keep it in mind.)

Well, first off, the creator might write down the homegroup password on his notebook. So he could get homegroup password from the notebook. If not, he can find the homegroup password on Windows 8 as long as he follows the steps below:


::How to find homegroup password on Windows 8?

Step 1: Press Windows logo + X keyboard shortcut -> select Control Panel -> click the Network and Security link (category view) -> select the Homegroup link

Step 2: Under Other homegroup actions, select the View or print the homegroup password action.

Step 3: On the next screen, take down or copy the password displayed in the middle field. If you would like to print the page, just click on the Print this page on the bottom.


::How to change homegroup password on Windows 8?

It’s pretty easy to change Windows 8 homegroup password. All you have to do is to click a couple of times. Below are the details:

Press Windows logo key and W key together on the keyboard -> Type "homegroup" in the Search box. -> Select Change homegroup password from the results -> Click the Change the password link -> Click on Change the password after reading the warning instructions. -> Create a new password by yourself or use the offered password. ->  Click Next. -> Click Finish to complete. Eventually, you can check the final effect just by clicking on View or print the homegroup password.