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4 Tips on Handling Password Problems

This article shows you some tips on dealing with password problem matters. Carry on reading it, and you will learn about how to be skilled at creating, managing and rescuing a password to improve your performance from the following 4 tips:

1. Use a random but easy-to-remember password

A random password strengthen the security of passwords but makes it hard to remember it for a long time while an easy-to-remember password seems to be simple and regular. There seem to be conflict between random and easy-to-remember. Actually not. Here I’m going to take the following password as example: "oscysbtdel". Is it really hard to carry it into your mind? Much easier than you think because it is short for "oh, say, can you see, by the dawn's early light."

The password above is just an example. There are lots of roads to Rome. For instance, How about adding the product or service name you are using after the password above, such as "oscysbtdelwindows7", "oscysbtdelgmail", etc. Many new ideas are waiting for you to discover. Just use your head.

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2. A classical method to deal with the old problem

Facing a variety of passwords, are you fed up with them? Enough of them? Maybe you can try taking down all of them in a notebook and keep it in an absolutely safe place. Well actually, there is no such place. But you can try your best to put it in a private but clean, dry, insect-resistant place with lock protection.

Besides, you had better keep the passwords in couples of notebooks lest you lose all the passwords at a time when you get the notebook lost carelessly. In order to find the password you need at the fastest speed, you can sort out them and index them. Next time you forget the password, just look up the password index, and find the corresponding notebook. That seems to be the similar as books in a library.

3. A password keeper

A password keeper is a software utility in nature. Nowadays, we use far more passwords than before; what’s worse, we are always requested to have a more and more complicated one. In order to cope with the troubling passwords, maybe you need a keeper for there are so many passwords you re to remember that it’s really not easy to keep each of them in mind for a long time, especially after a period of nonuse.

Actually there is no need to be so hard, why not have a password keeper help you manage the passwords. Thanks to it, all you have to do is to enjoy your life.

Of course, since it refers to so many passwords, it can’t be too careful to pick up a faithful keeper.

4. Only a Keeper? Not enough!

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