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Resetting Administrator Passwords on Windows Server 2008 Raid Computer


This page shows you how to reset an administrator password on a Windows Server 2008 raid computer. As you know, raids are widely set up on server computers. But if the raid server’s supervisor forgot/lost the password, how could he log back on to the Windows Server 2008 within 5 minutes? That’s what we really care about. And we have the working solution now-using Windows Password Rescuer Raid which’s specially designed to work on servers with raid.

To reset an administrator password for your windows server 2008 computer with raid using Windows Password Rescuer Raid

Step 1: Buy Daossoft Windows Password Rescuer Raid and complete the setup wizard. BTW, it supports all versions of Windows Server OS domain and local user account, including the latest Windows Server 2012.

Step 2: Launch the program on another computer that you have access to. You need to make a password disk (CD/DVD/USB) to help you reset the forgotten passcode. To make it, first click USB or DVD/CD (a CD’s recommended for the burning will take only about 25MB disk space.); Second, insert a CD, DVD or USB flash drive; Third, click the Begin Burning button. By the way, the burning will only take few minutes.

Note: You’re not recommended to use any memory cards because we found some of them may cause burning failure through the testing. If you find the password reset disk you made doesn’t work, please re-burn one using a high quality USB flash drive.  

Step 3: OK, now that you have obtained a "late" password reset disk, you should turn to the locked raid computer. Insert the disk to it and boot your raid computer form the disk.

Step 4: Once you reach to the friendly program interface shown as follow, yeah, there’s only one step before you have the success. Come on, just choose the right Windows Server 2008 (if there’re multiple OSs) and the user account whose password you’d like to reset. And then click the button that says "Reset Password".

reset raid computer

Congratulations! You have reset the forgotten password to the default password we specify. You’d better write it down lest you forget it once again. Next, just restart your raid computer and log back on to the Windows Sever 2008 with the help of the new password.

Warning: It’s illegal to break into anyone else’s computer with Windows Password Rescuer without permission.