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How to Unlock Your Office Document Password

Important documents have to be protected by using a password to help prevent unauthorized access. But, we must aware of something risk about using Microsoft Office Password. How to unlock office password in case that you lost the password? This article summarizes the fast way to unlock document password.

First see the information about Microsoft policy on forgotten password:

Microsoft has added password protection capability to many features in Office programs to help prevent unauthorized access to important information. If you are unable to access information because you do not know the correct password, please realize that: Microsoft support professionals cannot assist you, under any circumstances, in the breaking of passwords applied to files and features in Microsoft programs.

If you forgot your office document password, though Microsoft Office cannot recover your data, you can use the third program to help recover your password. Just like password cracker, there are any new soft developed by people. This sort of soft is simple but has strong functions. Some of them can recover password by a speed of 500000 to 1000000 passwords per sec. This said that if your lost password contains 6 characters mixed upper and lower case alphabetic characters plus numbers that the password recovery software can recover it uses about 6 hours. More complex and length the password is, more time needed for cracking. More details please refer to Password Recovery Speed. If the document is important to you, I think several hours or days for recovery are accepted by many people. It is better than rebuilt the document.

On the soft market, there some password recovery tools really can unlock office document password, but the procedures are complex or consume lots of time to do some needless work. For instance, If you still remember the character type of the lost password, you can set the tool bypass this type. Good programs not only can perform routine recovery tasks by simply operation, just as Office Password Rescuer, but also usually offer three powerful attack types:

1. Brute-Force Attack. This Attack will try all possible character combinations and 100% can unlock the document.
2. Brute-force with Mask Attack. This Attack is useful when you remember a part of password that you can specify the types of character combinations and the length range of the password. So you can shorten the recovery time.
3. Dictionary Attack. This Attack verifies the words stored in the specified Dictionary File. That means you would use a special word for password. So this method also can shorten the time to unlock document password.

Of course, high speed of password recovery also depends on computer hardware. For instance, multi-core PC can greatly increase the recovery speed reach millions per sec. So combine the styles mentioned above can greatly reduce the cracking time, such as that you can run the program in a multi-core PC and choose an appropriate attack type.