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How to Remove Forgotten Password from Word Document

Are you searching for how to remove a forgotten password from Word document right now? If so, read on and you might find this article a great helper. Don’t believe me? OK, finish it and prove that I am cheating you.

Like you know, there is more than one sort of password for Word document. So just find the option which most describes your situation first.

Here’s How to Remove Word Password:

(For Word 2003, 2007 & Require the Internet)

1. Download and install Daossoft Word Password Remover Software.

2. Launch Daossoft Word Password Eraser and click the Open File icon on the main interface. Instead, you can also click "File">"Open Files."

Open file

3. Browse to the target file and double click it or click Open button

Select file

4. Click Remove button. (Then the program will upload some file information to Daossoft’s password decryption server.)

Remove word password

5. Once the password is resoundingly removed, the software tool will generate a unprotected copy of the original document. You only need to click Open button to open it. (See the screenshot below.)