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2 Tools to Test Your Password Security

Here are two tools to help you test a password's strength or security, i.e., how much time will be taken to crack it. A password checker is usually used to test how strong your password is just after you have come up with it and have no idea of how secure it is. Additively, there is no so-called perfect password which can't be decrypted. Given enough time and right tools, a hacker will make it without any doubt. So you need take various measures to safeguard your password, such as changing it regularly.

Microsoft Password Checker

It seems that it's one of the simplest and most easy-to-use password checker. Just have it a try.

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The Password Meter

Being different from Microsoft password checker, the Password Meter gives you a more detailed view into your password's combination of characters.

Tips: In addition to a strong password, for further security, you are recommended to change it regularly, or rather, about every quarter.