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User Guide - How to Use Photo Data Rescuer

This article will give clear and intuitive guide for our users on how to use the wonderful Daossoft Photo Data Rescuer to recover lost photos or music or videos easily and quickly.

Before start recovery, you should download and install Daossoft Photo Data Rescuer first. After that, you can start your recovery by follow the 3 easy steps to perform the operations on your own.

Step 1: Select the File Type

Start the Daossoft Photo Data Rescuer, the “Photo/Graphic” option is automatically chosen as the following screenshot shows. And you directly click “Next” to go on.

Tips: If you want to recover music or videos with Daossoft Photo Data Rescuer, here you can correspondingly choose “Audio/MP3” or “Video” option as well and then click “Next” to go on.

Step 2: Select Partition and Scan

Select the partition or drive where you lost your photos or music or videos. And then click “Scan” to scan the partition.

Step 3: Preview and Recover

Now you can preview the photos listed before recovery or find out your lost music or videos you want to recover via its file name, file date or file size. When you confirmed the files you want to recover, tick them all in the checkbox and then click “Recover” to recover and save them to another new partition instead of the original one in case of being overwritten again.

After my instructions, you may found it is quite easy! Yes, it is! So why not download it and experience it yourself, you will found it is easier!

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