How to Turn off Narrator on Windows 8

I am using a Windows 8 tablet (Acer W700). I am pretty annoyed by the narrator.  Every time I try to turn up the volume, the narrator comes out.  I just want to totally remove it from my computer.  Please advise. Thanks!

Have you met the same or similar situation as the brother above? If so, read on! This post shows how to turn off narrator on Windows and even remove it from the computer for ever.  You have 3 options to solve the narrator problem.

::How to turn off narrator on windows 8?

Press Windows + X hot keys and access Control Panel -> Ease of Access Center (icon view) -> Click or tap on Use the computer without a display under Explore all settings -> uncheck the checkbox that says “turn on narrator.” (see screenshot below)

use a computer   uncheck

::How to disable narrator shortcut?

In Windows 8, if you press Windows + Volume up, the narrator app will pop up by default. You can disable this keyboard shortcut by following the details below:

Press Windows + W -> type “narrator settings” (or “turn off narrator”) and press Enter on the keyboard -> Under “pressing Windows + Volume up will turn on” select Nothing or any other app except Narrator. (see screenshot below)

turn off narrator    nothing

::Can I remove narrator from my PC forever?

The answer to your question is yes. You can delete the narrator so that the narrator app won’t disturb you any longer. However, you are recommended to back it up before removing it. Maybe the copy will be of use one day.  According to my test, I found it has become harder to delete narrator file on Windows 8 than on Windows 7. To make it, you need to get full control of the narrator.exe file. Below is how:

Press Windows + X keyboard shortcut. -> choose Administrator: Command Prompt -> input and execute the commands below in turn.

takeown /f C:\Windows\System32\narrator.exe

cacls C:\Windows\System32\narrator /G jack:F

Note: “C:” is the drive where you installed your Windows 8 and “jack” is my user name. Take place of it with your own.

OK, you now will be able to delete the narrator.exe file. Just have a try by yourself. If any questions, please inform me via comments.

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