How to Reset Windows 8 Password on Dell Venue Tablet

Dell Venue is a series of Dell Windows 8 tablet. It runs pre-installed Windows 8 though it has touch display, power button and volume button. These differences from desktop computer determine that it will be kind of different to reset Windows 8 tablet password.

 ::How to reset Windows 8 password on Dell Venue tablet? Follow this step-by-step guide:

 -> Download Windows Password Rescuer Advanced and install it on another Window computer or tablet.

 -> Run it and follow the steps and instructions on the program interface to create a password reset drive.

(Turn to the locked Dell Venue tablet.)

-> Power on Dell Venue tablet from being powered off by pressing Power button. Note: Powering up Dell Venue by restart doesn’t work.

 -> Press and hold volume down until you get the Dell logo.

-> Once into the Dell Venue 8 or11’s UEFI BIOS, disable Secure boot (usually in Security or Boot tab) and adjust the boot device sequence to boot from Daossoft password reset disk drive.

-> Once getting into the user interface of Windows password rescuer, follow the steps on the screen. In general, you need three little steps to reset Windows 8 password.

  1. Select the Windows 8 operating system on dell Venue (someone might install over one OS on his dell Venue tablet.)
  2.  Select the user whose password you got lost and would like to perform password reset on.
  3. Click on the Reset Password.

-> Restart the tablet and return to the sign-in screen where you won’t have to type in a password. Just leave the password box alone and click the arrow button directly.

 Note: When you get those above done and get back into the Windows 8, don’t forget to change the default password (The default password is set to blank password.)

 By the way, you are highly recommended to come up with a good password. Then what is a good password? In short, a good password should be strong enough that it won’t be easily guessed or hacked. In addition, a good password should be easily remembered by its owner. Otherwise, the password user won’t have a good time on using it. Luckily, Windows Password rescuer will be 100% behind you-help you get out of trouble when you make a mistake.

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