How to Make a Password Reset USB for Another Windows 8 Computer

This article, a step-by-step guide, covers how to make a password reset USB for another Windows 8 computer. As we know well, a password reset USB seems to only work on a specified computer-the computer which you created it on.

Someone might ask “Can I make a password reset disk for another computer?” The answer is “yes.” And it is so easy that everyone can create one by themselves, even if you are a dummy.

::How to make a flash drive a password reset disk?

To make a password reset USB for anther Windows 8 computer, please follow the steps:

-> Google or Bing (or any other search engine) Daossoft Windows Password Rescuer, download one for free and have a try.

-> Start up the password reset USB maker on another accessible computer and insert a disk drive, like a CD, DVD, or thumbdrive.

-> On the main interface, select an option, either CD/DVD or USB Device.

-> Once you see the disk drive listbox, select the USB drive you inserted from it and then click on Begin Burning.

 ::What can this password reset USB do for you?

This password reset USB can reset passwords on all Windows 8 computers, whether yours or others’.

It resets all sorts of login password, including standard user password and administrator password for both domain account and local account.

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