How to Get Password for Encrypted Zip File

Here is how to get password for encrypted Zip file. We hope the three methods mentioned right away can help you out. Try them before you say die.

 Method 1: Search the Zip file name on Google, Yahoo or Bing

If the zip file is a public, well-known file, it is quite possible to get the password you need just from search engine.

 Method 2: Online Zip password recovery service

How does it work? You upload a zip file and they will try their most to get the password for you. Once they get the password resoundingly, you need to pay for the manual service before you get the password in hand. As far as I’m concerned, this is really not cost-effective. You need to pay about 10 Euros to the man that  helps you get zip password using zip password recovery tool every time. Why not buy one by yourself and recover zip password at unlimited times? That’s cheaper.

 Method 3: Use Zip Password Recovery Tool

If it’s a 100% private file, Method 1 can’t do nothing for you. Fortunately, you can use software to help you crack that hard nut. Zip Password Rescuer runs faster than common Zip password recovery tools with the help of GPU accelerating. Get your ZIP password back in less time. Download it freely and give it a try before you pay for it.

How can I get password for encrypted Zip file?

Well, you can get the password after several mouse clicks.

  1. Start up Zip password rescuer.
  2. Select the encrypted zip file that you want to crack.
  3. Select attack mode.
  4. Start the password recovery process to get the password for you.

Once it gets the password for the encrypted zip file successfully, it will pop up a dialog box, telling you what the password is. You just copy the password to unlock the encrypted Zip file.

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