How to Boot from USB on Dell Venue Windows 8 Tablet

Here is how to boot from USB on Dell Venue Windows tablet. Read on and get the detailed steps. Closely follow them until you make it. Please let me know if meeting more problems.

As you might know, due to the controversial secure boot ,  Windows 8 has got quite a lot of boot probelms, such as booting from CD/DVD, booting from USB drive, installing Ubuntu, etc.

 ::How to boot from USB on Dell Venue Windows 8 tablet?

Method 1: Hot Boot Method

-> Put your USB disk drive into the USB port on your Dell Venue Windows 8 tablet.

-> On the Start screen or the Desktop, press Windows + C keyboard shortcut or swipe inwards from the right-side display edge.

-> Click or tap on Settings and then click or tap on Change PC settings.

-> Click or touch on General tab.

-> Click or tap on Advanced Startup button.

-> Choose Troubleshoot option.

-> Select Advanced options.

-> Select UEFI firmware settings.

-> Click on Restart button after reading the instructions.

-> Highlight Security tab using arrow keys on the keyboard. (You need to connect a USB-port keyboard.)

-> Switch to Secure boot menu.

-> Ensure that Secure boot support is “Disabled.”

-> Highlight Save & Exit -> Select Save changes and exit and hit Enter.

-> Select OK.

-> Press and hold F2 key, which should bring back to the BIOS screen.

-> Go to Save & Exit tab.

-> Highlight “UEFI: Drive Name” under Windows boot manager and hit Enter.

Once you OK those above, you will be able to boot your Dell Venue from the USB drive you selected just now.

 Method 2: Cool Boot Method

Press Power button. (Now the tablet is powered off.) Next, press Volume Up button and hold it until you get the boot select menu.

On the next screen, under UEFI options, use Volume Up/Down to choose the device you want to boot from or touch on it to make it selected. In my case, I am going to select my KingstonDataTraveler. Next, hit Enter.

Good job! You now will be able to boot up from USB. Consequently, you will be able to run Ubuntu, Windows PE or Recovery drive on your Dell Venue Windows 8 tablet.

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