Get Password Reset Disk of Windows 7 for Another Computer

As is well known to us, a password reset disk will work for his owner only, or rather, for some computer of his owner’s. Is there any Windows 7 password reset disk for another computer (not yours? The answer is certainly. Here is how to create a password reset disk windows 7 for another computer.

::To get a password reset disk for all Windows 7 computers, follow the steps below:

-> Google Daossoft Windows 7 Password Rescuer and get it downloaded and installed.

-> Fire up the Windows 7 Password Reset utility.

-> Insert a USB drive or CD/DVD.

-> Click on USB device or CD/DVD.

-> Select the targeted disk drive and click Begin.

It will only takes seconds to complete creating the password reset disk for another computer.

 ::How to use the password reset disk for another computer?

-> Connect or put inside the disk to another computer.

-> Boot up the computer from the password reset disk drive. (Have no idea? Refer to :

How to Set the AMI BIOS to Boot from USB Flash Drive

-> Once into the friendly user interface, select the Windows 7 OS and the User account that you log on to Windows Seven as.

-> Click the Reset Password icon on the bottom.

Congrats! You have reset the password for another computer resoundingly.

 Warning: Do perform password reset on another computer only after you get the permission of its owner.

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